Anonymous said: Dear Mrs. Ninja, I am currently rewatching OUAT before the hiatus ends and I am wonderung about the whole "8:15" thing. Do you think it's just a now and then appearing "joke" and hint towards LOST, or is there more to it? What's your take on this? BTW: Hope you feel better soon!

I’m sorry, Lost!Anon, I haven’t watched Lost, so I can’t say. What do my eagle-eyed readers think?

Also, should I invest in Lost in the faaaaaar future when I can watch more than a cartoon without being interrupted by the little ninja?







Well for the people who always talks about the color thing on their clothes… Interesting…

That’s also the shortest skirt I’ve ever seen on Regina.

there are two kinds of Oncers.

No, We are Both

get out

Ginny trying to run lol

Anonymous said: Why do you think you think Rumple wanted Belle to be his maid? It just seems really... imprudent for Rumple to introduce another person into his home who could potentially learn his secrets, or at the very least get in his way. Was this just a demonstration of power ie. he's so powerful that he can make a nobleman trade away his child thus increasing Rumple's rep, or do you think there was another reason? I just can't see Rumple actively deciding to do this risky thing solely for companionship.

I go into it a bit here, but I really think choosing Belle as the price for saving Belle’s “little town” was a spur of the moment decision, based on Rumple’s formula for calculating prices.

The price of magic has to be:

  • Something personal to the requestor (something “precious”)
  • Proportional to the size of the request (i.e., small magic = small price, big magic = big price)

Sir Maurice is making the request, so making his noble daughter a life-long servant seems sufficiently personal AND proportional to saving a town of a couple hundred people. In fact, all things considered, the price was a little low— Rumple could have asked for Belle’s death to save the rest of the town (but then where would we be?).

I think Rumple decided to make Belle his personal maid instead of someone else’s maid (Regina? Maleficent? The Blue Fairy? Someone fic the thing!) because Belle was pretty. I’m not saying Rumple had romantic designs on her or anything, I just think he’s a man who likes looking at beautiful things and hot damn, here’s a chance to improve the scenery in the Dark Castle. It’s not until later that he realizes he’s in SERIOUS TROUBLE.

Pretty lady. Pretty, sassy lady. Pretty, sassy lady who’s not afraid of me. Pretty, sassy lady who is chasing me around the table with a gleam in her eye OH NO RUN AWAY RUN AWAY HELP.

I know there’s a few conspiracy theories that say Rumple chose Belle because of a former magical deal, prophecy, etc., but I really like the idea that Rumple has NO IDEA Belle is going to hit him like a Class 5 hurricane and picks her on a whim. But that’s just me— maybe we’ll find out for certain this season!



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Also, remember in The Crocodile, how Rumpel mentioned that he lent Belle his jacket because “she had nothing for the cold”? I feel like after that, he was just like, “I’m gonna make sure she has EVERYTHING for the cold now.” Poof - fabulous coats!

This is an excellent point— thank you! You always keep me honest :-).

Anonymous said: Why do you think Belle has so many coats? We never see her in the same coat twice in different episodes. (The blue one doesn't count because although that was different episodes, it was a continuation of the scene where she wore it last)

Excellent question, Anon, and I think the answer is two-fold:

  1. Rumple’s a fashionista— dig his magical make-overs of Snow, Charming, Emma, Hook, Cinderella, and his anti-makeover of Regina
  2. Rumple feels guilty about Belle wearing hospital scrubs for 28 years during the curse

I think Rumple probably sneaks out of bed to magically *poof* Belle couture coats every nights and tells her they’re “vintage” things that were “hanging around” the shop.

Abra-cadabra Dolce & Gabbana!

But that’s just me!

Anonymous said: To the anti-CS anon: you might be interested in Adam&Eddie's latest TVGuide interview in which they talked about a Regina/Henry quest, Frozen, Will/Knave, Emma and Elsa's relationship, Hook and Rumple's feud possibly starting back up, Snow's new responsibilities, and Belle finding out about the dagger. There is FAR more than shipping (with anyone) going on, and I say that as a CS shipper that is excited about S4 for a NUMBER of reasons!

You’re right, Informative!Anon— here’s the TV Fanatic article with some spoilers for S4. And there are a lot of them! Lots of stuff for everyone to look forward to regardless of shipping.

I’m psyched for S4 in general.

Anonymous said: Ninja, I Need some advice. I want to look forward to the new season, but I don't know how I can. Snow and Charming's adventures in new baby parenthood, Henry bonding with Rumpel, Rumbelle, and Frozen are going to be amazing, but CS and Hook make me SO UNCOMFORTABLE, and that's all A&E seem to want to talk about. What do I do?

Much like Frankie, Screwball Ninja says relax— because, despite what tumblr may have you believe, in the ACTUAL EPISODES the shipping stuff really doesn’t take up that much screentime.

Even if the writers WANT S4 to be a Hook-fest (and I think they’re just winding up the shippers), it’s not going to happen because of the structure of the episodes. Based on previous seasons, this is how any given 40 minute episode of S4 is going to go:

  • 15 min of FTL flashbacks focusing on a new/main character (w/ a minute or two of Rumple or Regina wreaking havoc)
  • 15 minutes of the new/main character interacting with the Charming/Mills clan in Storybrooke, with the main action echoing the theme set up in the FTL section (hope, revenge, etc.)
  • 5 minutes following up on major plotlines that run through the season, such as Rumple playing hide-the-dagger, baby Neal, Henry and Rumple bonding, Regina and Emma’s magic lessons, etc.
  • 5 minutes for ALL the canon shipping, including Snowing, Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, and Captain Swan

Plus, I doubt S4 is going to be a non-stop smooch-fest for any couple. Remember, this show is stingy with its kisses, saving them to symbolize major breakthroughs in a relationship. My guess is the first part of S4 will be the following for Captain Swan:

  • Emma: *runs off to chop trees or something* I had a feeling once, but then I punched it in the face because I’m better off alone. *stoically twitches jaw*

Finally, I’ve found that tuning out almost everything except the actual episodes enhances my enjoyment of OUAT 100000%. That means I don’t pay attention to what the writers HOPE happens, or what they INTEND to happen, or what other people THINK will happen— I just focus on what’s actually happening. It’s tough to maintain a “pure canon” stance, but it keeps my blood pressure nice and low. You might want to consider giving it a try, Concerned!Anon.

I hope this helped a little.

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andromeda1277 said: Do you think Regina will ever return the hearts she stole?


  • Dr. Whale doing DNA tests to match peasants to their missing hearts
  • The severe-looking nurse from the psych ward being the one to shove the hearts back in but she does it with a weird smile because she’s trying to be more “patient-friendly”
  • Bonus points if she’s reading the Patient’s Bill of Rights on her lunch break because Belle gave her a copy
  • Hansel and Gretel running a sugar-free lemonade stand to make money off people standing in line for their hearts
  • Regina giving heart transplant patients her patented “heart-lock” so no-one can steal it again, PLUS a magical make-over because what HAS she been doing with that taxpayer money for 28 years?
  • Sidney Glass offering helpful pamphlets with titles like: “So Now You Have a Heart …”
  • Archie offering anger management sessions to … everyone
  • Mr. Gold giving 3 5 10% discounts on emotionally traumatic/significant objects in his shop, on account of Belle being a sap the town’s well-being
  • Doc quietly giving re-hearted couples free condoms from his pharmacy, followed by Leroy bellowing: “BE SAFE, SISTER!”
  • Ruby concocting “Heartbreaker” martinis for the after-party at Granny’s (3 parts gin, 1 part vermouth, dash of bitters, dash of cranberry juice, dash of St. Germain, maraschino cherries)
  • Bonus: the Lost Boys cornering Princess Abigail for help on their homework because Neverland was a living nightmare but at least they didn’t have to learn Calculus

Call me, ABC.


favourite ouat moment per episode → 1.08 Desperate Souls

↳ Regina fired me so she could put one of her own puppets in as sheriff.

Anonymous said: R ya gonna take part in the cs gtky?

What’s CS gtky? Gate key? Groovy Tunes and Kinky Yurts? Help a puzzled ninja out!

Oh, never mind, it’s “get to know you.” In that case, sorry, Anon, I don’t actively ship CS— but I think you guys have a very pretty ship and am cheerfully waving at you from the docks. *passes rum to everybody*




I really want to write tonight. But I also really want to catch up on Ghost Story. You see my dilemma?

What chapter are you on?

I’m saving the chapter for later when I can cuddle it. SO EXCITED EVERY TIME I GET NOTIFIED IT’S UPDATED IT”S RIDICULOUS.

Oh, thank goodness— I thought I was the only one who makes embarrassing noises and clasps my hands together like a Victorian schoolgirl when this gem of a story has an update. I read the latest at 2 AM, no regrets, highly recommended, walk don’t run and make with the reading already.

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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Frozen Object Posters. 


Once Upon a Time Season 4 Frozen Object Posters. 

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Here’s a few links to those “Regina’s character development” gifsets you mentioned:…… :)

Thank you very much. Enjoy, Want-to-like-Regina!Anon!